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LaLa Gardens site plan rendering

LaLa Gardens is a one-acre home and garden demonstration of permaculture and natural farming in the exurbs of Fort Collins, Colorado. The garden features regenerative farming and gardening courses, and is a pilot project for community ownership, governance, economy and culture that is based on a global regenerative currency and ecosystem known as SEEDS. It is reflective of hyperlocal systems of Partnerism, membership, gifting, trade and other forms of mutual support. It is developing models for applying NFTs to regenerative real estate, education, art, culture and re-sci as a model for any neighborhood.

Mission, Values, Vision

Video Overview

Community Ownership

Property Values
Asset Value
Land and buildings $700,000
Solar array $95,000
Tenant improvements $35,000
Total $830,000
Property Details
Remaining land/buildings mortgage balance
Remaining solar array balance
Monthly payments $3200
Final payment year

LaLa Gardens is interested in selling the property to the community as an NFT that would be managed as a DAO. This would involve the buildings and gardens being stewarded by the community as a DAO with its own community currency/token.

Regenerative Features

Project History